DogeMiner 2: Back 2 the Moon Wiki

 The Basics

Dogeminer 2 is an incremental clicker game created by /u/DogeminerDev, also known as rkn on Discord and Rick-doge in-game. The game is played by clicking a rock, earning one in-game Dogecoin per click. In-game Dogecoins can be used to hire helpers, which will automatically mine additional coins and increase the user's DPS (Dogecoins per second). Upgrades for the helpers may also be purchased to improve their efficiency. The rocks can throw Loot at increments of 90%, 75%, 50%, 25% and 0%. Loot thrown at 90% and 75% is only coins, while Loot thrown at 50%, 25%, and 0% is either coins, Pickaxes or Fortunes, which come in Dogebags. Diamonds may be thrown at any increment, either singles, or multiples, found in Loot boxes.

Pickaxes and Fortunes are categorized by their chance of being thrown in Loot. The categories, from most common to rarest, are: Common, Improved, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Pickaxes and Fortunes will increase (and is some cases decrease) your game stats. The various stats contribute to the likelihood of Loot to be thrown, bonus coin chance and overall DPS. Pickaxes need to be equipped to influence stats. Fortunes are automatically applied and are passive (they do not need to be equipped).

Updates is a wiki page where you can check out updates.





Moon Base Moon Shibe Doge Car Lander Shibe Mars Rocket
Doge Gate


Improved Moon Base Space Moon Shibe Wise Doge Car Candy Lander Golden Mars Rocket Golden Doge Gate
Improved Axe Moon Base Micro Axe Moon Shibe Doge Tank Double Lander Diamond Mars Rocket Diamond Doge Gate
Golden Moon Base Golden Moon Shibe Golden Doge Tank Triple Lander

Diamond Moon Base Diamond Moon Shibe Diamond Doge Tank Diamond Lander


Common Improved Rare Epic Legendary
Meat Cleaver Improvised Saw-Axe Purple Lollipop Sharpened Battle-Axe Hammer of Boom
Moon Rock-Axe Blue Pickaxe Improved Saw-Axe Dual GPU-Pickaxe Dual GPU-Pickaxe OC
Red Lollipop Used Rocket Gas Carbine F.E.L.P.S.
Fashioned Coin-Axe Golden Meat Cleaver Cod of Duty Nuclear-Tipped Rocket

Gold-Bronzed Dagger Battle-Axe


Common Improved Rare Epic Legendary
Fortune of the Sweet Fortune of Unstoppable Signals Silver Moon Fortune Golden Moon Fortune
Fortune of Obedience Bronze Moon Fortune

Fortune of Harmony



Mars Base Party Shibe CuriousiDoge DJ Kittenz Space Bass Jupiter Rocket
2x Mars Base Rave Shibe Party Mode CuriousiDoge Disco DJ Kittenz Golden Space Bass Golden Jupiter Rocket
4x Mars Base DW Rave Shibe Party Hydra CuriousiDoge Hiphop DJ Kittenz Diamond Space Bass Diamond Jupiter Rocket
36 x Mars Base Ecstasy Shibe Rocket Mode CuriousiDoge EDM DJ Kittenz

Goldy Mars Base Shiny E-Shibe
Golden DJ Kittenz

Diamond Mars Base Very Shiny E-Shibe
Diamond DJ Kittenz


Common Improved Rare Epic Legendary
Cool Glowsitck Firefighter’s Axe Party Pickaxe Golden Record-Axe
Martian Pickaxe Green Lollipop Gold tipped FireAxe Smelly Glowstick

Broken Record-Axe Sticky Glowstick Superheated Magmastick

Strange Glowstick


Common Improved Rare Epic Legendary
Broken Record of Fortune Disco Fortune Screaming Man Fortune Golden Mars Fortune

Bronze Mars Fortune Silver Mars Fortune

Party Fortune

Golden Rocket Fortune



Cloud Base Super Shibe Doge Air Ship Flying Doggo TARDogeIS DogeStar
Sensor Cloud Base Juiced Super Shibe Doge Rocket Ship Sub-Woofer Flying Doggo Rocket Mode TARDogeIS Golden DogeStar
Smart Cloud Base (LOCKED) Golden Super Shibe Golden Doge Rocket Ship Rocket Boosted Flying Doggo Golden TARDogeIS Diamond DogeStar
Smart Golden Cloud Base Diamond Super Shibe Diamond Doge Rocket Ship Gold-Rocketed Flying Doggo Diamond TARDogeIS
Smart Diamond Cloud Base

Diamond Rocketed Flying Doggo


Common Improved Rare Epic Legendary
Cloud Axe Unstable Drill
Gold-Bronze Pickaxe Nigtro-Fueled Rocket-Axe

Huge Drill
Staff of the SunDoge

Huge Golden Drill

Rocket Powered Battle-Axe


Common Improved Rare Epic Legendary

Magic Planet Pin Fortune of the Planet Stomy Magic Planet Pin



Titan Base Robo Shibe Heavy Doge Walker Coin Seeker 5000 Time Travel T-Rex Dancing Elon
Golden Titan Base Smart-ish Robo Shibe Heavy Doge Hoverer Backpack Coin Seeker 6000 Lazor T-Rex Thinking Elon
Diamond Titan Base Superintelligent Robo Shibe (LOCKED) Heavy Diamond Doge Hoverer Gold Coin Seeker 7000 Rocket Boosted T-Rex ???

Superintelligent Golden Shibe
Diamond Coin Seeker 8000 Xtra Rocket Boosted T-Rex

Superintelligent Diamond Shibe

Smart Rocket T-Rex (LOCKED)


Common Improved Rare Epic Legendary

Modern High-Tech Pickaxe Hammer of Smashing The Diamond Avenger Very Improved Saw-Axe

Barbell Loaded Barbell Light-blade Pickaxe Axe of Magnificence

Ancient Golden Axe The Golden Avenger Axe of Greatness Hammer of Destruction

Very Loaded Barbell The Superior Avenger


Common Improved Rare Epic Legendary

Magic Golden Bean A Wizards Hat Fortification Fortune Dogefinity Stone (rainbow)

Piece of Candy Mythic DogeDragon Sigil Molten Ball of Lava Special Doge Fortune

Ring of Good Boyes Diamond Rocket Fortune Very Large Diamond Special Non-Gold Bars

Needle Fortune of Healing Ancient Star Chart Diamond Doge Fortune Dimensional Ripping Planet Pin

Chunk of Molten Rock Ring of D-struction Fortune of the Brofist A Dogefinity Stone (pink)

Ancient Munitions Shell A Pristine Snowflake Mysterious Diamond Box A Dogefinity Stone (blue)

Cake of Jelly Very Golden Doge Fortune


Luck: Improves overall stats.

Loot Find: Improves chance of Rare or better Pickaxes and Fortunes being thrown in Loot.

Wow: Improves value of rock being mined and stats on found Pickaxes and Fortunes.

Critical Chance: Increases chance of 2.5 DPC multiplier with Pickaxe (for all except Staff of SunDoge).

Mystery Bonus: This is a game secret and is a mystery.

Extra stats: Stats like Karma and Freedom are extra joke stats added in by the developer.

All other stats increase or decrease your Luck, Loot and Wow in minor ways.

DIA Mission

After hiring at least one Time Machine Flying Rig you will unlock the DIA Mission. Click the Walkie/Talkie to begin the mission. If you choose to run the mission you will receive three rewards:

  1. DogeDiamonds: Upto 60 based on the amount of Dogecoins at start of mission and upto 15 for collected Pickaxes (must have all 72 for the max), for a total of 75 max diamonds.
  2. Super Fortune: Combines all collected fortunes into one Super Fortune. The Super Fortune then acts as a multiplier for the new Fortunes found in the next timeline.
  3. DIA Badge: Increases a single stat upto +230%. You have a choice of Luck, Wow or Loot.

After completing the mission you will be sent back to Earth on a new timeline. You will have lost all your regular Fortunes and Pickaxes and you must start over mining your Dogecoin. You may begin a new timeline again as soon as you unlock the DIA mission. Super Fortunes and DIA Badges always carryover to the next timeline, allowing for exponential multipliers.

After running your first DIA mission you will unlock the Auto-Pickup Loot feature in settings.